A Review of Algorithms for Segmentation of Optical Coherence Tomography from Retina


Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a recently established imaging technique to describe different information about the internal structures of an object and to image various aspects of biological tissues. OCT image segmentation is mostly introduced on retinal OCT to localize the intra-retinal boundaries. Here, we review some of the important image segmentation methods for processing retinal OCT images. We may classify the OCT segmentation approaches into five distinct groups according to the image domain subjected to the segmentation algorithm. Current researches in OCT segmentation are mostly based on improving the accuracy and precision, and on reducing the required processing time. There is no doubt that current 3-D imaging modalities are now moving the research projects toward volume segmentation along with 3-D rendering and visualization. It is also important to develop robust methods capable of dealing with pathologic cases in OCT imaging.

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